Environmental Void Fill and Cushion Packaging

Green Light Bio and Re/C Cushion Range


Opus Air is the only air cushion packaging system designed to operate specifically with biodegradable and recycled films. All cushion sizes are available in both Green Light Bio and Green Light Re/C.

Green Light Bio

Green Light Bio is a biodegradable alternative to conventional plastics. This product is not compostable but is a controlled life product, meaning that unlike conventional plastics that do not biodegrade, it is certified to completely biodegrade in 12-24 months leaving no residue. The biodegradation process ultimately converts plastics into biomass and water.

Green Light Re/C

Green Light Re-C is a non-biodegradable alternative to conventional 100% virgin plastic air pillow film. Virgin plastic is blended with 50% recycled material to give a film that exhibits great strength and sealing capability at standard thickness. Using 50% recycled content, Green Light Re/C significantly reduces the amount of single-use virgin plastic being consumed. 

Classic Film Configurations

Air Cushion Size
Roll Length
200mm x 100mm/ 8" x 4"  500m/ 1640ft
200mm x 200mm/ 8" x 8"  500m/ 1640ft
200mm x 250mm/ 8" x 10"  500m/ 1640ft
400mm x 50mm/ 16" x 2"  325m/ 1066ft
400mm x 120mm/ 16" x 4.75"  325m/ 1066ft
400mm x 160mm/ 16" x 6.3"  325m/ 1066ft



Quilted Film Configurations

Product Name
Air Cushion Size
Double Tube 400mm x 140mm/ 16" x 5.5"
Quilt 400mm x 260mm/ 16" x 10"



For more info on our Air Cushion Systems: Opus Air cushion system

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