Environmental Void Fill and Cushion Packaging

Mini Hopper Systems

Green Light Products are proud to present our Mini Hopper System as a credible solution for your packaging needs.

The Mini Hopper System is a pioneering “plug in and go” cushion storage and supply application. It has been designed with your packaging needs in mind. The system works in unison with the Opus Air by using “airflow” to guide the bags through the ducting and into the hopper that can be positioned exactly where you require at the packing station.

The built in wheels allow for easy mobility of the system. The system can be operated from the control panel on the machine or by using a foot pedal. It can also be set to operate automatically by installing a sensor kit. (Click Opus Ancillary Products for more information on foot pedals and sensors).

Using the Mini Hopper System saves the time and cost of installing a large bulk system that dominates your setup, this system is designed to work in harmony with your packing stations. The flexibility of the system provides a more sound financial and structural investment that provides more beneficial outcomes to your business.


• On demand air cushions at packing stations.
• Improved efficiency and productivity with time savings.
• One system for multiple workstations.
• A mobile and versatile system.
• Installation within your current packing station set up.
• Improved manual handling procedures through better packaging posture.


Weight and Dimensions

• All components total weight – 80kg / 176.5lbs.

• Built dimensions – 109cm x 76cm x 244cm / 43” x 30” x 97”.

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commaEco Flo integrates well with our minimal environmental impact policy, and is a renewable resource whose production requires little energy. It does its job superbly well, with no pack migration, and our customers love it as it composts or can be dissolved in water, unlike polystyrene.comma below

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