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Wales International Trade Round Table 2014- Think Global

26th October 2014

Insider Magazine brought Welsh exporters, experts and companies considering going international together to talk about how to sell abroad, set up contracts, move goods, access support and get paid. Green Light Products Managing Director Karl Yeo today featured as part of the panel of businessmen to debate international trade and take questions from the audience.

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Karl Yeo’s key thought as featured on the Insider website:-

“Manage your customer’s expectations. If they want something in two months, find out before you make the commitment whether you can get it to them in that time. After a while, your customers will want something new. So keep your product fresh and your sales and marketing energetic.

The trade mission is a facility to get you to a place. What you do with that opportunity is up to you. There is pot of overseas business development money available from the Welsh Government for you to do your own trade missions.

We use invoice financing and insure our overseas ledger. That works for us because we have relatively small invoice values which change quite quickly. It’s relatively inexpensive.

There are international equivalents of European CE marking. The US has its own, and Japan has some very complex rules which can be pretty prohibitive for getting non-Japanese products into the country.”

Please CLICK HERE to view the full magazine story.

More information about the event can be found on the Insider website at the below link:-


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