Environmental Void Fill and Cushion Packaging

Opus Ancillary Products

Opus Trolley Stand

The Opus Trolley Stand provides a solid basis for the machine to be operated and enables the storage of cushions straight from the Opus Air. As the perfect companion for the Opus Air, the stored cushions can be used as a source for your packers. The featured wheels allow for easy and quick transportation to the relevant packaging station. 


· Low price £40.

· Large cushion capacity.

· Portability.

· Supplies multiple packing stations.

Weights and Dimensions


Weight 8kg / 18lbs.

Dimensions – 120cm x 71cm x 83cm / 47” x 28” x 33”.

Opus Brush Stand 

The brush stand product is designed to allow the packer to handle and dispense cushions in an ergonomic manner.This ancillary product is constructed with mild steel and can be mounted on a castor for portability.

The brush mechanism ensures that the cushions are always ready for gripping. The one way system means the lead end of cushions does not get lost amongst the stream of inflated cushions produced by the Opus machine. 


· Ergonomic design

· Ease of use

· Low cost

· Portability

Weights and Dimensions

Assembled:– Weight – 11kg / 24lbs.

Dimensions – 90cm x 90cm x 135cm / 35” x 35” x 53”.

Brush Stand Video Demo


Opus Air Machine Stand

This ancillary product is a supporting stand that the Opus Air machine can be placed on. It provides a solid basis for the machine to be operated on whilst also featuring a portability aspect due to the built in wheels. The stand can be used to situate your Opus Air machine wherever it needs to be in relation to your packing stations. 


· Portability.

· Strength.

Weights and Dimensions

Boxed: Weight –12kg / 27lbs.

Dimensions – 80cm x 40cm x 12cm / 31.5” x 15.7” x 4.7”.

Assembled: Weight – 12kg / 27lbs.

Dimensions – 67cm x 40cm x 91cm / 26.4” x 15.6” x 36”.



Foot Pedal

This assisting product can be used to control the flow of Opus Bio air cushions that the Opus Air machine produces by switching it on and off. The foot pedal can also be used with our Mini Hopper System.The foot pedal will switch on both the Opus Air machine and Mini Hopper System together. The foot pedal can then be used to turn off the Mini Hopper System when it is full with air cushions and allow for the removal and use of the air cushions.

Click to view Mini Hopper System


· Manual control of air cushion flow.

· Easy and familiar to use mechanism.

· Instant stopping mechanism.

Weights and Dimensions

Weight                        350g/ 0.77lbs (Including lead).

Dimensions               9cm x 6.5cm x 2.5cm/ 3.5” x 2.5” x 1” (Plus lead).



This product consists of two sensors and is used to assist the control of the number of air cushions in the Mini Hopper System. One sensor is placed at the top of the Mini Hopper Systems assisting bag and switches the system off once the sensor level is reached. This indicates that the bag is full and needs to be emptied. The second sensor is positioned in the bottom of the Mini Hopper Systems assisting bag and identifies when the bag is empty enabling the Opus Air to be operated.

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· Automatic control of air cushion flow.

· Key accuracy to indicate an empty or full Mini Hopper System.

· Allows packers to use air cushions to pack items whilst the Opus Air is still supplying the Mini Hopper System with air cushions.

Weights and Dimensions

Weight                      50g/ 0.1lb (Including lead).

Demensions            3.4cm x 2cm x 1.2cm/ 1.3” x 0.8” x 0.5” (Plus lead).


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