Environmental Void Fill and Cushion Packaging

Opus Bio 400mm x 100mm/ 16" x 4"

Opus Bio 400 x 100 is completely biodegradable and is another flexible "biotube" offering. Opus Bio 400 x 100 Biotube has great yield characteristics and bridges the gap between the 65 and 120 biotube. This product offers volume for void fill and is also an excellent top fill solution. As with the rest of the Opus Bio range, it is available in Standard and Super Strength configurations so may be used in both high and low impact situations.

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commaSince switching from polystyrene packaging to EcoFlo we have managed to maintain the safety and protection of our products during transit as well as reducing our overall packaging costs and the impact our company has on the environment! A real solution in the race to reduce a company's carbon footprint!comma below

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