Environmental Void Fill and Cushion Packaging

Opus Bio 400mm x 65mm/ 16" x 2.5"

Opus Bio 400 x 65 is completely biodegradable and is one of our smaller "biotubes". The 400 x 65 Biotube provides a little more cushioning than our smallest biotube. A versatile film that can be used for wrapping or lining boxes providing good allround protection on every side of the item being packed. Whilst at the same time delivering a high quality void fill solution in low impact situations with the standard film and high impact situations with the super strength film.

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commaThe results of the tests to compare the performance of biodegradable loosefill from Green Light Products and EPS loosefill products show that, under the conditions applied, a product packaged in the biodegradable loosefill remains undamaged, without having shifted during dropping or excessive vibrating. This material was the only material to give a satisfactory and consistent result. comma below

University of Humberside