Environmental Void Fill and Cushion Packaging

Opus Air Cushion System

Opus was born from Green Light’s 25 years of experience in developing air cushion systems. Opus helps our clients achieve the following key objectives:

  • Reduce our clients overall spend on void fill by reducing their pack cost

  • Improve the environmental performance of their packaging

  • Improved quality and reliability of a UK manufactured system

Opus runs all film types without modification. Whether you are looking for void fill or quilted film for wrapping, Opus automatically sets the system parameters to run each film type.

Choose from our complete range of biodegradable or 50% recycled content film to improve the environment and your budget.

No matter how large or small your warehouse or packing stations, Green Light has been designing custom hoppers over a quarter of a century.

We also provide a range of off the shelf systems that improve packing efficiency at single work stations.

Call us to discuss your application and we can help you identify the most effective solution.


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Benefits of Opus Bio

  • Biodegradable film
  • 50% recycled content film
  • Fast, reliable, easy to use machines
  • Very low cost per cubic metre

Opus FAQs

Technical Specification

Variable speed up to 86 cushions per minute (200mm x 200mm / 8" x 8")

11 cubic metres/hour / 388cu.ft/hr

110/240v single phase

30cm x 35cm x 27cm / 12" x 14" x 11"

8.3 kg / 18lb