Environmental Void Fill and Cushion Packaging

Green Light Packaging Product Range


Opus Air

The Opus system is compact, reliable, easy to use and boasts a market leading throughput of 11 cubic meters per hour at speeds up to 17 meters per minute.

Opus Air produces high yielding cushions that will protect your products and reduce the packaging cost per cubic metre of your void fill.



Opus Bio

Opus Bio is the only air cushion packaging system designed to operate exclusively with biodegradable and recycled films. The Opus Bio biodegradable cushions can be reused or recycled in the appropriate waste stream. Opus Bio uses a special additive that causes the film to completely break down as measured by ASTM D6954-04. Opus Bio completely biodegrades in 18 to 24 months when in the presence of moisture, micro-organisms and oxygen leaving no toxic or heavy metal residues.


Opus Pro-Tech

Opus Pro-Tech is the latest addition to the Opus portfolio, and includes, Pro-Tech Quilt, Air Tech Double Tube and Air Tech Double Tube XL.

This is a high performance product range to create versatile and strong resiliant films for wrapping, cushioning and lining.


Eco Flo Bio Loosefill

Eco Flo is the UK’s number 1 loose fill and is made from GM free starch and is 100% biodegradable.

Unlike all other loose fills on the market, Eco Flo is compostable (EN13432) and is independently proven to offer better all round protection than polystyrene loose fill. Breakages are eliminated as the Eco Flo surrounds your product providing high level shock and impact protection for your goods in transit.

commaEco Flo integrates well with our minimal environmental impact policy, and is a renewable resource whose production requires little energy. It does its job superbly well, with no pack migration, and our customers love it as it composts or can be dissolved in water, unlike polystyrene.comma below

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